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Beyond Yoga Fitness teaches a variety of yoga like power yoga, yoga for weight loss, towel yoga, chair yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, yoga for kids, meditation and pranayama. Beyond Yoga Fitness is the best yoga centre in North Delhi. Beyond Yoga Fitness is all about fun and fitness.

Yoga With A Swiss Ball

Yoga with a swiss ball boosts our memory, concentration, and cognitive performance. It makes your body work harder on a slippery surface. It will take your yoga session to a whole new level.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

Power Yoga

Power yoga has its roots in ashtanga yoga, therefore they share the same qualities. As its name suggests, power yoga flushes out all the toxins from the body and aid in weight loss.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

Chair Yoga

With the aid of a chair, one can learn various types of yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques. It helps to stabilize our emotional balance.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

Partner Yoga

Partner yoga means ”union of two souls”, it helps to discover the pose distinctively, partner yoga keeps you to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

Acro Yoga

Acro yoga focuses on 3D’s dedication, determination, and discipline. It reduces backache, neck pain and helps to overcome one’s weakness and fear.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

Hatha Yoga

It’s a form of yoga in which one has to hold in the asana for a longer duration and focus on the correct alignment, posture, and breath.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

Ashtanga Yoga

In this class, you will learn how to connect your breath with every movement of your body. It’s a vigorous and dynamic approach which helps to burn off the bad cholesterol and extra fats.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

Yoga For Weight Loss

Suryanamaskar is the best way to reduce weight in a short period. It comprises of 12 asanas which will burn the extra fat and releases all the toxins in the form of sweat.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)


These points as identified are massaged which results in proper circulation of blood and also stimulates the hormones and chemicals required for our body. It can cure acute and chronic diseases.

– Ritu Kapoor (Trainer)

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With Beyond Yoga Fitness, one can explore various forms of yoga like ashtanga yoga, power yoga, towel yoga, chair yoga, yoga for stress management, yoga for weight loss, yoga for kids, yoga for couples and so on.