About Beyond Yoga Fitness

What Is Beyond Yoga Fitness?

Beyond yoga fitness, is inspired by a concept called ” one must believe in oneself ”. It is a place where you can learn about the science of yoga. It is an organization which helps you to identify yourself by walking along the path of yoga. In today’s world, we all suffer from stress and tension. So, we all encourage you to follow the path of yoga to maintain your health because health is wealth.

Yoga for a Daily Life

Yoga is an amalgamation of body, mind and soul.

Body, mind and soul

Beyond Yoga fitness is a union of physical, mental and social well-being.

A way to connect with yourself

Beyond Yoga fitness shows the path to rediscover oneself .

Explore, Dream and Discover

Beyond Yoga Fitness helps to discover the different aspects of yoga.

Explore asana, meditation and pranayama

Meditation is a practice to release stress and toxins from the body through various breathing techniques.

Healing power of yoga

Yoga is a magic tool which can a person internally and externally.

Our Best Services and Classes

With Beyond yoga fitness, you can discover and experience the nuances of yoga. We teach various styles of yoga-like power yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, towel yoga, yoga with a swiss ball, acro yoga and chair yoga. Besides yoga, we also teach various dance styles like jazz, hip hop, zumba, bhangra, bollywood, contemporary and salsa. Our dance expert will teach you the nakhre of Karishma, thumke of Kajol, aadayen of Madhuri Learn theme choreographies: annual day themes for schools, day out for old age, and couple dance for sangeet and wedding night. Beyond Yoga Fitness offers holistic services for event management, wedding choreography, and fashion shows.