Beyond Yoga Fitness

Beyond Yoga Fitness was founded in the year 2016. Ritu Kapoor, the Founder & Kareena Kapoor, the Co-Founder are the major pillars of this wellness team. This place is all about friendly & personalised environment, a perfect place for a wellness and fitness workout. Achieve the fitness goal set by you with our Beyond Yoga Fitness Team.

Yoga For Weight Loss


Yoga – “Yoga is essentially a practice for your soul, working through the medium of your body.”

Healthy Diet


Diet – “Nutrition isn’t just about eating, it’s about learning to live.” Create healthy habits, not restrictions.


Zumba Fitness

Get ready to dance to the beats of happiness and fitness with our Beyond Yoga Fitness Aerobics and Zumba Sessions.



It’s the time for some naturopathy sessions which include Enema, spinal bath, sitz bath, Mud pack, and potlimassage
An excellent session for weight loss, glowing skin and body, relaxing mind & body, and many more

Importance of yoga in a daily life

Maintains Healthy Heart

Builds Muscle Strength

Strengthens Your Bones

Improve Blood Circulation

Boosts Up your Immunity

Lowers Blood Sugar

Reduce Stress

Improve Flexibility

Join our online yoga session as well as offline yoga session to meet your health goals...